“Plants too need Energizers to give their best.”

Plants are like babies that need extra care and nurturing. So apart from practicing the regular aspects of enhanced crop production a successful crop cultivation also needs some extra attention that are fulfilled by the application of Plant growth Promoters & Regulators. These products promote & regulate flower induction, fruit setting, maturity & yield.

Some are plant hormones increasing the efficiency of metabolism of plant system, some are beneficial microbes either suppressing disease causing agents or improving soil health and others are sol conditioners that improve soil productivity & fertility.

Also Switchbell has come up with a new technology driven products that is sea weed extract. Sea weeds are brown algae found mostly in deep sea where they thrive effortlessly. These are processed and supplied to soil and act as soil fertilizers and conditioners. They supply considerable amount of essential nutrients like Nitrogen & Potassium. Also the insoluble carbohydrates in its cells act as soil conditioners. Moreover there are some red algae too used to supply calcium in soil being used.

This breakthrough in providing alternative solution to nutrient supply to crop plants will surely improve crop production and bring about more sustainability.

RooSo is one of the new innovative bio stimulant and bio enhanced product completely nature based & research oriented, prepared by green organic science technology. Rooso is formulated from Seaweed based extracts from depth of the oceans. The other constituents of this product are Silica,Amino acids, Humic & Fulvic acid,and other botanical extracts, that create a magical impact in plant and soil in the long run.

Why RooSo?

RooSo is a trail blazing product as it keeps the environment and soil very healthy. Also it is atmosphere appropriate as it easy dissolving and also quickly absorbable. It not only enhances soil physical, chemical and biological attributes but also highly affects or rather increases crop productivity. It is completely research based & formulation driven granule, keeping interest and demand of farmers in mind. It can be used for any crop.

Benefits of RooSo:
-> Completely non toxic, eco-friendly by nature.
-> Helps plants to overcome adverse vagaries of nature.
-> Growth & vigor of all kinds of roots increased along with their germination.
-> Soil pH balancer and help in photosynthesis.
-> Enhances activity of soil micro-organisms in soil.
-> Helps to minimize disease & pest incidence.
-> Increases overall yield and productivity of crop.