“Research doesn’t assure definite rewards, but it assures lesser risk”

Any company is known for its newness and aspects that are different from the other company that is in the market. A company should be standing tall in its uniqueness amongst the lot that is what makes the company most approachable.

Since Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy, it’s very necessary for us to focus on the research and come up with ideas and products that are most appropriate considering the present situation of soil and atmosphere.

There is a crucial role of Research in the field of Agriculture sector and its products that are coming to the market manufactured by different companies. From the beginning of this new Agri-startup company set to achieve new heights in the field of Agri products promises its end user that it looks into all the different parameters of field and lab research that would be led by a strong team of scientific knowledge bearers that can fulfil the present scenario of demand for Agricultural inputs.

As in the apparel section our research and development are mainly directed in bringing out the best quality fibres with longevity and strength. Using pure natural fibres to make fabrics that are durable and good for the skin.

A very well-known quote says, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” So here at Switch Bell each and every person always tries to think something or the other which is little new and also research is done scientifically and technologically sound to satisfy customer.