“Protecting what is shown is the most Integral part of successful Farming.”

One of the most challenging situations for any farmer in his process of growing crops for we humans is the attack of any living entity that interferes with the normal crop cultivation.
Thus each and every farmer needs to take some measure to help protect his crop among which crop protection products are one of the most important means.

Crop Protection products or more specifically Pesticides are a large cluster of chemicals that are designed and formulated to protect crops from invading insects, diseases, weeds and other pests.
Herbicides- killing weeds, Insecticides- killing insects & Fungicides- killing plant pathogenic fungi are the products that come under this broad heading of pesticides.

The main issue faced by the crop protection industry is that there is lack of quality standards, testing of chemicals, prevention of use of fraudulent materials and lack of use of pesticides to create awareness about judicious use of pesticides among farmers.

Switchbell promises to bring out such products that are specific in action, possessing new mode of action to control resistance development among organisms. With its innovation, continuous research and developmental activities, taking care of environmental and health issues, Switchbell aims to completely satisfy farmers’ needs.

Less phyto-toxicity, nature based products, less residual action as much as possible. Easily available, wide compatibility and economically feasible products are the various USPs of crop protection products of Switchbell.